Capacity building and monitoring

DAARTT has carried out third party monitoring of more than 100 school construction projects on behalf of donors and the Ministry of Education. The activities have identified a significant number of problems. Most of them have been resolved – ensuring construction quality and, to a large extent, timeliness of projects.

Capacity builing
DAARTT has helped build capacity of government staff involved in school construction. This has covered planning, contract management, monitoring and evaluation of construction projects.

In 2018-2019, DAARTT supported the Ministries of Education and Rural Rehabilitation and Development in designing the schools to be constructed under the Citizen’s Charter and the World Bank’s Education Quality Reform in Afghanistan (EQRA) programme. This included complete design packages for 38 typical structures – in particular 28 types of school buildings. The structures were designed in versions suitable for areas with different characteristics in terms of disaster risks and climate. As part of the support, DAARTT assisted the ministries in developing bills of quantities and a cost estimation system for the planning and budgeting of construction. DAARTT also prepared guidelines for site selection and planning of school construction. As a separate activity, DAARTT reviewed the prospects for use of prefabrication technology for school construction in Afghanistan.