Humanitarian work

DAARTT participates in the meetings of the school WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) group led by UNICEF and is providing WASH facilities in its schools. In particular sanitation is often lacking in Afghan schools. There is therefore a need for WASH also in existing schools.

DAARTT would like to strengthen its contribution to upgrade schools in respect of WASH.

DAARTT has extensive experience in providing shelter elements for internally displaced people and returning refugees and aim at increasing its engagement in this, improving the quality of vulnerable lives in Afghanistan.

Emergency relief
DAARTT can also provide other emergency assistance for people affected by natural disasters. Cooperation in this area would be welcomed.

DAARTT has provided pre-fabricated elements to help returning refugees and internally displaced people make shelters for themselves.

Together with the local partner, Organization for Relief and Development (ORD), DAARTT in 2018 was involved in providing about 3,000 internally displaced people severely hit by drought in Faryab province with emergency aid. Activities included provision of wells with safe drinking water for about 6,000 persons.