DAARTT has extensive capacity for construction and renovation of buildings and aims at continuing its contribution to Afghan development in this area.

According to the National Education Strategic Plan, there is a need for 13,000 school buildings. DAARTT would like to strengthen its contribute towards this goal.

There is also a considerable need for dormitories for female students, which can allow women who do not live in proximity of higher learning institutions to take a higher education.

To strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan, there is a need for numerous buildings in the justice sector and DAARTT is ready to continue its engagement in this.

DAARTT is also ready to help provide clinics and other works to help strengthen access to health services where it is most needed.

Centres and shelters for returning refugees are needed on an urgent basis. Shelters are also needed for internally displaced people. DAARTT is ready to engage with partners for their construction.

DAARTT is prepared to engage in any construction activity which is in line with its overall aim for assistance in Afghanistan, but is in particular seeking funds for the projects mentioned below.


Projects in need of funds....

Projects in need of funds....

Projects in need of funds....