Overview of accomplishments

With support from key development partners such as the World Bank, DANIDA, the European Union, Norway, UNODC, UNHCR, Danish Refugee Council, the Afghan Ministry of Education, and private donors, DAARTT has:

  • constructed more than 200 schools, clinics, dormitories, justice and other buildings in Afghanistan
  • supported key ministries in the development of school designs for the Citizen’s Charter and the World Bank’s Education Quality Reform in Afghanistan (EQRA) programme
  • provided guidelines for site selection and planning of school projects
  • monitored more than 100 construction projects for donors
  • analysed prospects for pre-fabricated school construction in Afghanistan
  • made recommendations for improvement of planning, design, contract management and quality assurance for school construction in Afghanistan
  • developed construction manuals for school construction
  • built capacity of central and provincial government authorities for management of school construction projects
  • assisted key ministries in developing cost estimation systems for school construction
  • produced and distributed more than 100,000 pre-fabricated elements for shelters
  • mobilized and built capacity of more than 150 Afghan communities for school maintenance
  • trained and provided numerous people from local communities with technical skills
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