Work with local communities

DARRTT engages and mobilizes local communities in particular for construction of schools.
School management committee (link)

If a school management committee has not been established or does not function, DAARTT helps organize this.
Local school ownership (link)

DAARTT also promotes local school ownership, and willingness to send children (especially girls) to school, contribute to school construction and maintain schools in a good condition.
Community contributions (link)

Community contributions for construction generally consist of providing land for the school, water for construction, shelter and security for project staff, site leveling and preparation, trenches for foundations, and planting trees and bushes.
Sourcing of construction material (link)

As much as possible, DAARTT strives to source construction material locally and use local labour for construction. In the process, DAARTT provides technical training to workers, improving their skills and ability to secure employment.
School maintenance groups (link)

In support of maintenance, DAARTT helps communities establish school maintenance groups, normally consisting of the school headmaster, two teachers, two students, a mason and a carpenter, who are provided with training and tools for maintenance by DAARTT.