Based on experiences and lessons learned since 1989, DAARTT has constantly developed and refined its school designs in close consultation with the Ministry of Education’s Infrastructure Services Department.

To promote equitable access to education and in particular make schools acceptable to girls, DAARTT offers a design package containing school buildings, boundary wall, WASH facilities and guardroom.

In planning and implementing this, DAARTT strives to comply with the UNICEF child-friendly school concept, in particular by making green areas, play and sports grounds available when the land permits.

DAARTT designs are flexible and adaptable. The basis includes 32, 24, 16, 12, 8 and 6 classroom schools, but can also be adjusted to need for larger or smaller schools.

The smaller schools (6 and 8 classrooms) are designed so that they can later be expanded with a second floor, doubling their capacity.

When used in a specific setting, all designs are tailored to local conditions and needs. All schools comply with the standards and requirements of Afghan authorities. They come with administration rooms, book storage and concrete black boards as well as office and classroom furniture for the maximum number of students.

DAARTT 12 classroom design

The two-storey twelve classroom design has a capacity of 500 students per single education shift. It is a double load corridor building, with central entrance hall and staircase and double swing exit doors. It has:
• a cost-effective, clear and simple 34 by 14.1m rectangular shape, easy and fast to build;
• load bearing walls with columns and beams, supporting concrete slabs.
• thick, exterior burned brick walls and insulated roof with C.G. iron sheet pitched roof;
• one office room, one small book storage room, room for teachers or other activities, corridor and entrance hall;
• sufficient natural day light from the left side of students with proper natural ventilation;
• outward swinging doors facilitating exit and possible evacuation;
• wall chimney duct for wood or charcoal heaters in each room.