Priorities and plans


DAARTT has extensive capacity for construction and renovation of buildings and aims at continuing its contribution to Afghan development in this area.

According to the National Education Strategic Plan for 2015-2020, there is a need for 13,000 school buildings by 2020. DAARTT would like to contribute towards this goal.

To strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan, there is a need for numerous buildings in the justice sector and DAARTT is ready to continue its engagement in this.

DAARTT is also ready to help provide clinics and other works to help strengthen access to health services where it is most needed.


DAARTT has developed a considerable capacity for monitoring of construction projects. Third party monitoring represents a key investment by donors and has proved a valuable instrument to ensure quality and timeliness of projects.

DAARTT would welcome opportunities to help ensure availability of proper school and other infrastructure needed in Afghanistan through project monitoring.

Capacity building

As pointed out in DAARTT reports, there is a significant need to strengthen government capacity for planning, design, contract management and quality assurance of school construction projects.

DAARTT has made 31 recommendations which would address the shortcomings in a systematic way and improve capacity significantly – and is ready to work with the government and donors in implementing these.

Humanitarian work


DAARTT participates in the meetings of the school WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) group led by UNICEF and is providing WASH facilities in its schools. In particular sanitation is often lacking in Afghan schools. There is therefore a need for WASH also in existing schools.

DAARTT would like to make a stronger contribution to upgrade schools in respect of WASH.


DAARTT has extensive experience in providing shelter elements for internally displaced people and returning refugees and aim at increasing its engagement in this, improving the quality of vulnerable lives in Afghanistan.

DAARTT is in a strong position to help returning refugees build their own homes and meet initial, basic needs. In cooperation with the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, Kabul Municipality and the Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA), DAARTT has planned to help improve conditions and lives for xx returnees and seek funding for the intervention. (link to concept note)

Emergency relief

DAARTT can also provide shelter and other emergency assistance for people affected by natural disasters. Cooperation in this area would be welcomed.